Go90Grow Live Kauai 2016


I’m sitting in the back of a 757 returning home from spending a week in Kauai with some amazing people.  As I’m in my seat on the first leg of my flight home I teared up and cried out of an overwhelming sense of gratefulness for the time I spent on the garden island.  I’m not exactly sure where this emotion is coming from, but I haven’t felt this in a long time if ever.  So many people have expressed their belief in me over the course of this past week.  As they did I was uncomfortable with it at first.  I think I’m still uncomfortable with it.  I’ve not had people express this to me in a very long time.  I‘m crying again and I don’t care who sees me.  Although most people on the plane are asleep.  


It’s midnight in Kauai.  I’ve got about two more hours till we land in LA.  I hear Switchfoot “This is Your Life” playing in my head.  Am I who I want to be?  Am I doing what I want to do?  Am I living the life I want to live?


Someone asked me to pretend I knew what was holding me back.  Fear of the opinion of others?  Fear of failure?  Fear of success?  Can I handle success?  Maybe I can’t handle the truth (Jack Nicholson).


Crying again.  This is getting ridiculous.


Watching the movie “Eddie the Eagle” on the flight.  Cried again.  Trying to keep from sobbing out loud.


I love everyone I meet this week.  I love my team.  I love my family.  I love my wife and I promise to work on being the man she thought she married.


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